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Architectural Visualization

During my time at VCBO Architecture, I produced various exterior and interior photorealistic renderings from Revit architectural models using Sketchup, V-ray, and Lumion. These renderings enhanced visual communication, assisted in material selection, excited new and existing clients on project outcomes, and told narratives of future lives lived within these buildings.

2021-07-27 U of U Housing South View.jpg
Front view Final.jpg
2020-04-13 Paperbox Cover - Street View Northeast (new trees).jpg
2020-02-10 Noorda South View.jpg
2020-08-19 DSU West Side.jpg
2020-03-02 Alpine Planetarium Front View.jpg
2020-02-26 Recital Hall 2.jpg
Layton Theater Performace Front.jpg
2020-02-13 Pioneer Discovery Center Interior Wedding Scene 2.jpg
04-22-2021 Transport Building Scene 2.jpg
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