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Annelise Payne's projects explore the forefront of the regenerative material revolution. Laboratory cultured bacterial pigments, mass produced mycelium grown packaging, seaweed ceramics, and tried-and-true trees, Payne's projects envision a world entirely designed and created with living organisms.

Primordial Pigments

Primordial Pigments explores the beauty and artistry bacterial based pigments can bring to textile printing, while upholding sustainable practices. 

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Mycelial Packaging

Mycelial packaging explores how regenerative materials like mycelium can be superior substitutes to petroleum based alternatives.



Kelpware explores how seaweed at the end of its natural life cycles can be reutilized as a new material for design.

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Twin Tables

Twin Tables explores how to optimize one half sheet of plywood to create adaptable furniture for small living spaces.

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