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design ethos

Passionate about redefining the design and manufacturing landscape, I am a dynamic multi-disciplinary designer specializing in material innovation, living systems integration, and CMF. With a Master’s degree in Future Materials and a background in Industrial Design, my expertise lies in creating regenerative solutions using cutting-edge materials and living organisms.

As a Living Materials Designer, I have harnessed the power of microorganisms, such as bacteria and fungi, to explore Earth-based design solutions for our modern world. My work is at the intersection of science, design, and technology and has garnered partnerships with industry leaders across various domains, including textile design, chemistry, artificial intelligence, microbiology, and architecture.

Committed to disrupting the status quo, my design principles revolve around regenerative ideologies, education, and restoration. I am driven by the opportunity to contribute to the global shift in redefining our impact.

Portfolio 20233.png
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